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Chain Hoists

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Product Image - Hurricane 360

CM Hurricane 360º Hand Chain Hoists

    The CM Hurricane 360° hand chain hoist is an economical, high-quality, rugged unit with features unique to a hoist of this class. Designed with fewer parts to assure long life and minimal maintenance, this hoist can be used to lift loads in numerous industrial, construction and commercial applications.

    • Unique Brake Design - Single disc brake does not incorporate ratchet, pawls, or pawl springs as on other hand chain hoists. Fewer parts mean less wear and low maintenance.
    • Unique Handwheel Cover - Handwheel cover rotates 360° for hoist operation in any direction. Ideal for special rigging applications.
    • Steel Construction - Frame and housings are made from impact resistant, stamped steel for ...
Cyclone Hand Chain Hoists

CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoists

    One of the most popular and reliable hoists ever designed, the Cyclone combines superior engineering, efficiency and durability. Available in a variety of capacities from 1/4 ton to 10 tons, Cyclone features :
    • Most interchangeability of parts in the industry
    • Standard Load Limiter for simple, automatic overload protection
    • Enclosed contoured Weston-type automatic brake for positive load control
    • High-efficiency spur gearing for greater lift with minimum effort
    • Rugged Hoistaloy chain for added strength and durability
    • Fully machined, forged liftwheel pockets for easier lifting and smooth free chaining
    • High-strength aluminum alloy castings in frame and covers
    • Inspected over 75 times to meet or exceed HMI and ...
Product Image - Hand Chain Hoist

CM Series 622 Hand Chain Hoist

  • Simple, efficient, economical design.
  • Equipped with hardened load chain for flexibility and long wear.
  • Compact design, low headroom and lightweight steel construction for easy installation, even in confined spaces.
  • Weston-type load brake requires no lubrication.
  • Hand wheel cover with guide slots minimizes jamming and slipping.
  • Forged swivel hooks with latches reduce twisting of chain and unintentional unhooking of load when chain is slack.
  • Standard hand chain drop is 2 feet less than lift
    (example: 8 foot lift hoist has 6 foot hand chain drop).
  • One-year warranty.
  • Metric rated.
  • Imported
Product Image - Shopstar Electirc Chain Hoist

CM Shopstar Electric Chain Hoist

    The ShopStar electric chain hoist features rugged construction and high H4 duty cycle. It keeps lifting and lifting, up to 1000 pounds and 300 motor starts per hour. Additional features and benefits include :
    • H4 duty cycle (300 motor starts/hour).
    • Easy installation and maintenance.
    • Standard protector overload device.
    • 10 pocket oblique lay liftwheel provides longer chain wear.
    • Epoxy powder coat finish.
    • 6 1/2 ft. power cord with molded 3 prong plug on 115 volt units.
    • NEMA 4 industrial rated control station.
    • Optional impact-resistant chain container available.
    • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease.
    • CM Hoist Alloy Load Chain (Zinc plated optional).
    • Thermally protected hoist duty ...

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Product Image - Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

    The balanced, integrated, proven design of the Lodestar has made it the most popular electric chain hoist in the industry. Lodestar gives you more value for your money including :
    • Up to 3 ton capacities for heavy- duty industrial applications.
    • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease.
    • Precision machined and hardened liftwheel with hardened chain guides for precise chain liftwheel fit.
    • Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation.
    • H4 duty standard.
    • Rugged control station (NEMA 4).
    • Hoist duty motor, standard Protector overload device and standard screw type limit switches.
    • Designed for greater productivity, efficiency and economy.
    • Hardened, forged steel, latch type hooks ...
Item Image - NER/ER010L

Harrington NER/ER Electric Chain Hoists


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Item Image - NERM/ERM030L-L

Harrington NERM/ERM Electric Chain Hoists


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Harrington NERP/ERP & NERG/ERG Electric Chain Hoists


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