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Product Image - Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist

CM Series 602 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist

    This Mini-but-Mighty Hoist Lifts Up To 550 Lbs. Easy Toolbox Storage

    The CM Series 602 mini hoist is the most compact ratchet lever hoist in the market.

  • Plated load chain is standard.
  • Weston type load brake.
  • Rubber grip for better comfort and security.
  • Lightweight design weighs only 5 lbs. for ease of operation and portability. Use in confined conditions with one hand operation.
  • Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard.
  • Impact resistant all-steel frame, gear case and cover
  • Hardened link type steel load chain for strength and long wear.
  • Free chaining feature serves to quickly attach the load.
  • Conforms with ASME B30.21.
  • Standard five-ft lift Units with ten-ft lift available - Product Code # ...
Product Image - Lever Operated Hoist

CM Series 653 Lever Operated Hoist

    Ideal for construction and industrial applications

    The Series 653 lever operated hoist is a high quality, rugged, steel tool for close quarter pulling, stretching, and hoisting applications. Its characteristic short handle, along with minimal lever pull effort, make this tool ideal for a broad range of applications.

    • Capacities from 3/4 to 3 tons
    • Impact resistant, stamped steel frame, gear case and cover for durability and light weight.
    • Powder coated finish for added corrosion protection.
    • Hardened steel load sharing gears.
    • Double pawl arrangement for assured load control.
    • Two chain guide rollers for positive chain engagement.
    • Weston type braking system for positive load control and positioning.
    • Simple ...
Product Image - Puller

CM Puller

    The CM Puller is designed for heavy-duty construction and industrial applications. Used to pull, lift, drag or stretch, it features :
    • Tough aluminum alloy construction and powder coat finish.
    • Weatherproof for outdoor service.
    • Simple construction with fewer parts for ease of maintenance and lower inventories.
    • Hoistaloy hardened steel link type load chain for strength, long wear life and flexibility.
    • Weatherized Weston-type automatic braking system for positive load control.
    • Easy, one-hand operation and control - only 58 pounds of pull required for 3/4 ton model capacity.
    • Forged upper and lower hooks with latches standard.
    • Free wheeling for fast and easy attachment to load.
    • Upper and lower Latchlok hooks ...
Product Image - Lodestar with Hook Suspension

CM Lodestar with Hook Suspension

3 ton lug suspension prevents hoist from rotating but allows hoist to articulate below trolley.
Product Image - Low Headroom Trolley

CM Lodestar with Series 635 Low Headroom Trolley

Dimensions T, W, X, Y, Al, and AJ are based on minimum beams and will vary proportionately for larger beams. 6'-3" drop of control station is for 10 foot lift hoist and increases proportionately for longer lifts.
Product Image - Motor Driven Trolley

CM Lodestar with Series 635 Motor Driven Trolley

    Dimensions S, AK, AL, AM, and AO are based on minimum beams and will vary proportionately for larger beams. 16'-3" drop of control station is for 20 foot lift hoist.
    Rigid lug suspension required for attaching to hoist.
    Can be modified to fit larger beams. Flat tread wheel available. Beam size and voltage required for ordering. Apply for other than standard travel speeds.

CM Rigid Lug Suspension

Rigid lug suspension required for attaching to hoist.
Product Image - Close Radius Trolley

CM Series 632 Close Radius Trolley

    With revolutionary advances, this shorter, more compact trolley is 50% lighter than competitive trolleys, yet every bit as tough.

    • Negotiates radius curves as tight as 7 to 10 inches.
    • Made of highest quality rolled steel.
    • Unique double row, ball bearing wheel design for greater wear capacity.
    • Larger V-bars available for wider flange adjustment.
    • For low headroom applications.
    • Bearings prepacked with lifetime lubricant.
    • Exclusive Dial-Fit collar quickly adapts trolley to wide range of beams and patented rails.
    • Dust covers shield and protect bearings.
    • Trolleys available for larger beams, rails or tracks; contact CM.
    • Cast iron trolley guards available (except for 3 ton).
    • Lifetime warranty.
    • Made in ...
Product Image - Wode Range Trolley

CM Series 633 Wide Range Trolley

    Simple, rugged, built for trouble-free service and ease of operation across a wide range of beam applications. Series 633 features :
    • Rugged steel side plates formed to include bumpers and trolley guards.
    • Frames connected by steel equalizer pin, secured by two nuts on each side.
    • Universal tread flanged trackwheels equipped with shielded ball bearings.
    • Easy rolling on American standard shapes, wide flange shapes or patented rail.
    • Hardened wheels and axles for added strength and durability.
    • Spacer washers can be shifted inside or outside for easy adjustment to wide range of beams.
    • To be used with hook suspended hoist.
    • Suspension plate for easy attachment is standard.
    • Bearings prepacked with lifetime ...
Product Image - LB Lever Hoists

Harrington LB Lever Hoists

    Setting new standards for the industry

    Harrington's LB lever hoists have been completely redesigned to provide the operator with all of the features needed in one hoist. Our best just got better. As the leader in this hoist market, we studied the needs of the many industries using our lever hoists and then designed all of these important features into our new model. For your day-to-day maintenance and service work or the heavy-duty construction jobs, the Harrington LB lever hoist is always the right choice.

Item Image - My-te's Standard Electric Winch-Hoist

My-Te® Standard Electric Winch Hoists

Item Image - My-te's Standard Batery Power Winch-Hoist

My-Te® Battery Power Winch Hoist

Item Image - My-te's Max Electric Winch-Hoist

My-Te® Max Electric Winch Hoists

    Ideal for in-plant use, or wherever there is ready access to a 115-volt or 230-volt power source, the Max AC 36 can handle the big jobs. It can move equipment, lift motors or heavy apparatus, or any load up to 6000 lbs.- with double-line rigging.

    My-te builds reliability and long life into the Max AC 36. From mounting to motor to gear system - everything about this winch-hoist is dependable. My-te winch-hoists undergo thorough testing before they leave the factory, and each Max Series winch-hoist is backed by our warranty with individualized service, and when needed, we handle repair and component replacement quickly and efficiently.

    Safety is Built In
    The Max AC 36 protects its operator, not only through superb ...

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