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Twin-Path® Extra Covermax® Slings

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Twin-Path® Slings

TPXC is our best synthetic sling. It is made with K-Spec® high performance fibers, and it has a bulked nylon outer cover (Covermax®) that is very abrasion resistant. These are made in sizes up to 500,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity. Extra Heavy Duty Covermax® is used on 40,000 lb. vertical capacity and higher. All of these slings have overload tell-tails, inner red cover, and are used worldwide in place of chain and wire rope slings for heavy lifts. Also, they are repairable. They have fiber optics for inspection. The Twin-Path® patented design provides the rigger with redundant protection in the event that one path is cut. These slings have 1% stretch at rated capacity and are made in matched lengths. These slings conform to ASME B30.9 Chapter six and US Navy NAVFAC P-307 Section 14. The safety and inspection features found only in Twin-Path® products were created to overcome shortfalls riggers found in single path roundslings.
Note: Capacities shown include both paths and are for one complete sling.  Sling ratings based on fittings of equal or greater capacities.  Conforms to ANSI/ASME B30.9 chapter 6, NAVFAC P-307 section, and the Cordage Institute Roundsling Standard.  This chart is based on a 5:1 Design Facor (DF); but any other DF can be fabricated.  Higher capacity slings are available.  CAPACITIES ARE IN POUNDS (LBS.).

Item #

Item Name

Vertical Rated Capacity

Choker Rated Capacity

Basket Hitch Rated Capacity

Minimum Length

TPXC 1000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 10000 lbs. 8000 lbs. 20000 lbs. 3 ft.
TPXC 1500 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 15000 lbs. 12000 lbs. 30000 lbs. 3 ft.
TPXC 2000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 20000 lbs. 16000 lbs. 40000 lbs. 3 ft.
TPXC 2500 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 25000 lbs. 20000 lbs. 50000 lbs. 3 ft.
TPXC 3000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 30000 lbs. 24000 lbs. 60000 lbs. 8 ft.
TPXC 5000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 50000 lbs. 40000 lbs. 100000 lbs. 8 ft.
TPXC 6000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 60000 lbs. 48000 lbs. 120000 lbs. 10 ft.
TPXC 7000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 70000 lbs. 56000 lbs. 140000 lbs. 10 ft.
TPXC 8500 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 85000 lbs. 68000 lbs. 170000 lbs. 10 ft.
TPXC 10000 TWIN-PATH ® Roundsling 100000 lbs. 80000 lbs. 200000 lbs. 10 ft.
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